Am I Really Saved? Part 2

April 14, 2024

  • Romans 6:14
  • Romans 7:1-4
  • 2 Corinthians 5:17
  • Romans 3:20, 28
  • Galatians 3:1-3
  • Romans 7:4
  • Galatians 2:21
  • Romans 7:6
  • 1 Corinthians 15:56-57
Pastor Gene’s sermon dives deep into the concept of salvation and the role of grace versus the law in the life of believers. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the balance of God’s word through multiple scripture sources to gain a clear understanding of salvation. Gene highlights that righteousness is not based on personal performance but on one’s position in the family of God through acceptance of Jesus’ sacrifice. He contrasts living under the law with living under grace, illustrating how the law brings condemnation and guilt while grace brings freedom and empowerment. Gene explains how Jesus’ death and resurrection provide permanent forgiveness and freedom from the law, allowing believers to live in the newness of the spirit and bear fruit for God. Throughout the sermon, he emphasizes the transformative power of understanding God’s love and grace, which motivate believers to change and live for Him.

Am I Really Saved? Part 1

April 7, 2024

  • Romans 4:1-4
  • James 2:10
  • Romans 4:3
  • Romans 4:2
  • Romans 4:4
  • Isaiah 64:6
  • John 6:28
  • John 3:17

Today Pastor Gene starts a new series titled “Am I Really Saved?” which addresses one of the most common questions he receives as a pastor. He emphasizes the importance of understanding God’s grace as the foundation of this series, both for personal growth and for effectively sharing the gospel with others. He acknowledges the two extremes of legalism and hyper grace and aims to find a balanced biblical perspective.

He shares his experience of growing up in a fear-based Christianity, with the pressure of perfection and constantly seeking forgiveness for any wrongdoing. He contrasts this with the perspective of those who believe once saved, they can live however they please, which he terms “hyper grace.”

Pastor Gene emphasizes the importance of finding balance in understanding God’s grace and salvation. He delves into the concept of righteousness, explaining that it is not earned through one’s performance but is given freely through faith in Jesus Christ. He uses the example of Abraham’s faith as described in Romans 4 to illustrate this point.

He highlights that righteousness is about one’s position in God’s family rather than one’s performance. He emphasizes that God’s grace is freely given and cannot be earned through works. Pastor Gene encourages the congregation to believe in Jesus Christ as the Messiah and surrender their lives to him.

Pastor Gene’s sermon centers on the importance of understanding and embracing God’s grace as the foundation of salvation, emphasizing faith in Jesus Christ rather than relying on one’s own efforts for righteousness.

Easter Sermon

March 31, 2024

  • John 10:9-10
  • Matthew 7:13-14

Pastor Gene’s sermon centers on the question: “Who is Jesus to you?” He emphasizes that each individual must define their own relationship with Jesus, not based on others’ beliefs but on personal conviction. Pastor Gene highlights the unparalleled global impact of Jesus, pointing out that his teachings and actions have transcended time and continue to influence the world today.

He stresses that Jesus claimed to be the Son of God, setting him apart from mere prophets or teachers. Pastor Gene points to Jesus’ resurrection as the pivotal event that ignited a movement, inspiring his followers to spread his message despite facing persecution and death.

Drawing parallels between Jesus and Old Testament narratives, Pastor Gene explains the significance of Jesus as the sacrificial Lamb whose blood grants salvation. He emphasizes that faith in Jesus is the key to forgiveness and restoration of fellowship with God.

Ultimately, Pastor Gene invites listeners to make a personal commitment to Jesus, urging them to apply the metaphorical “blood of Jesus” to their lives and embrace him as their Lord and Savior. He leads a prayer of salvation for those ready to accept Jesus into their lives, emphasizing that this decision marks their entry into the family of God.

Share Your Story – Part 3

March 24, 2024

  • John 6:35
  • John 4:10
  • Luke 14:23-24

Pastor Gene’s sermon centers around the theme of sharing one’s story and inviting others to the table of the Lord. He begins by reminiscing about efforts to make a good impression when guests come over, likening it to the importance of making a good impression when sharing one’s faith. He emphasizes the significance of the table in the Bible, citing instances such as the Last Supper and Jesus dining with Zacchaeus.

The sermon stresses the importance of spiritual nourishment and growth, comparing it to physical hunger and thirst. He encourages attendees to embrace their spiritual hunger and seek fulfillment in God. He highlights Jesus as the bread of life and living water, emphasizing the importance of a personal relationship with Him.

The sermon urges believers to be mindful of newcomers and to create a welcoming environment in church. Pastor Gene emphasizes the need for spiritual maturity, moving from being a guest to actively serving and sharing the faith with others. He encourages attendees to move from the “high chair” of spiritual infancy to the “mature chair” of leadership and service.

Ultimately, the sermon emphasizes the joy and fulfillment found in bringing others to the table of the Lord, both in terms of salvation and spiritual growth. Pastor Gene then urges believers to share their faith, serve others, and actively participate in the mission of the church.

Renew – Part 8

March 3, 2024

  • John 17:25
  • John 15:9-11
  • 1 Corinthians 13:4-7
  • John 15:15
  • John 15:16-17

Pastor Gene concludes a series called “Renew,” emphasizing God’s renewal of vision, purpose, and worship. He discusses renewing unity and focuses on renewing God’s love in our lives. He illustrates the importance of kindness and love in communication, highlighting Jesus’s teachings on love and unity. He delves into Jesus’s last prayer before his crucifixion, emphasizing the significance of unity and love among believers. Pastor Gene emphasizes the importance of remaining in God’s love, passing it on to others, and creating a welcoming community that embraces everyone, regardless of differences. He encourages you to remember God’s unconditional love and to extend that love to others, fostering true transformation in individuals and communities. The sermon ends with an invitation for those ready to surrender their lives to Jesus, emphasizing the power of God’s love to bring about change and acceptance.

Renew – Part 5

February 4, 2024

  • John 17:1-3
  • John 15:4-5
  • John 17:4-5

Pastor Gene emphasizes the theme of renewal, focusing on restoring and refreshing aspects of our lives with God. The sermon begins by discussing the importance of prayer and the need to restore our relationship with God. Pastor Gene uses personal anecdotes to illustrate how easily we can miss the true purpose of life, emphasizing the importance of being present in the moment rather than constantly looking ahead.

The core message centers on knowing God and making Him known. Pastor Gene draws from John 17, highlighting Jesus’ prayer before his crucifixion and emphasizing the significance of knowing and being connected to God. He explains that our primary purpose is to know God deeply and allow Him to produce fruit in our lives. This fruit includes love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and faithfulness – and is cultivated through our connection with God.

Pastor Gene stresses the importance of fulfilling our mandate to make God known to others. He encourages listeners to actively share their faith and live out their purpose by remaining connected to God. The sermon concludes by inviting listeners to renew their commitment to know God deeply and share His love with others.